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Half Body 3D Mouse Pad

  • 2Way Fabric
  • Size:21cmx41.5cmx3cm
  • The Oppai with a height of 3 cm makes your hand more suitable
  • Soft belly and legs to make your waifu more lifelike
  • Smooth 3D Oppai Mouse Pad
  • Colorful Boobs Mouse Pads

Life Size Oppai Mousepad

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  • Material:2 WAY
  • Size:48CMx38CMx8CM | 40CMx33CMx5CM | 26CMx22CMx2.5CM
  • Smooth 3D Oppai Mouse Pad.
  • Colorful Boobs Mouse Pads.
  • Silicon is used for the three-dimensional part.
  • Silicone is a very soft material, so it gently supports your wrist.
  • The back of the product is made of a non-slip material.
  • The back side is protected with vinyl.

Oppai Mousepad

Oppaimousepad is a professional and reliable 3D mouse pad online store. We provide high-quality 3D mouse pad, butt mouse pad,boob maouse pad, giant oppai mouse padhentai mouse pad.
On oppaimousepad, there are various anime photos with different poses and expressions to choose from, such as: Nami, Asuna, Hatsune Miku, Rem, Kuriyama Mirai, Zero, Astorford, etc. In addition to anime oppai mouse pad, we also have a unique original product: League of Legends oppai mouse pad. If you like playing games, you must not miss this game oppai mouse pad. When you are working, studying or playing games, the 3D mouse pad can reduce the pressure on your wrist.
We have reasonable prices and fast delivery. Welcome to orders.

Idol Star Oppai Mousepad

If you are a star chasing girl, you will definitely like our idol star mouse pad product, come and see if there is a star you like!

Butt Mouse Pad

Our shop has many butt mouse pads for anime and game characters, such as characters in popular games such as Genshin Impac, Azur Lane, etc. If you are an anime or game lover, you must not miss our butt mouse pad. And our butt mouse pad is still being updated one after another, so stay tuned!
When you are working, studying or playing games, the butt mouse pad can reduce the pressure on your wrist.

Hentai Mouse Pad

The characters of Hentai Mouse Pad are more revealing and more eye-catching than those of ordinary 3D Mouse Pad.
Hentai Mouse Pad is a special product of our store, which is loved by many otakus.

Product Description

Gift Box

  • Two styles are available.
  • Buy a mouse pad and give it to a friend. The gift box is the best choice, beautiful and fashionable.
  • This gift box is only suitable for placing a 26cmx22cmx2.5cm mouse pad.
  • A gift box can hold up to 2 mouse pads. If there are more than 2 mouse pads, please purchase multiple gift boxes.
  • The gift box is a one-time item, we do not accept returns or refunds.

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What is an Oppai Mousepad

An Oppai Mousepad is a type of mousepad that features a 3D image of a woman’s breasts. The Boobs Mouse Pad is designed to provide a comfortable resting place for a user’s hand and wrist. The design of the boobie mousepad is meant to provide a more ergonomic experience for the user.


What are the Benefits of Buying a Oppai Mouse Pad

1. Comfort: Mouse pad with boobs provide a comfortable surface to work on, with a soft, smooth texture that helps reduce friction and strain on the wrist.

2. Improved Accuracy: Mouse pad boob provide a more consistent surface for the mouse to move on, which can help improve accuracy and precision when gaming or working.

3. Durability: Boob mouse pad are made of high-quality materials, which makes them more durable and long-lasting than regular mouse pads.

4. Visual Appeal: Oppai mousepad come in a variety of designs, making them an attractive addition to any workspace.


Where to Buy Oppai Mousepad

Definitely come to website to buy, we are the best oppai mousepad site, there are many anime 3d mouse pad, life size oppai mousepad, butt mousepad, hentai mouse pad, titty mousepad, half body boob mouse pad, can ship worldwide, you sure can Find your favorite 3d mouse pads.

And you can also customize 3d mouse pad on our website.


How to Make Your Own Oppai Mousepad

You just need to click the link: custom 3d mouse pad, you can design your own oppai mousepad.

Our website can customize boob mouse pad, and supports NSFW pictures. Many customers have customized and designed their own anime boob mouse pad, which have been recognized by many customers, so there are many repeat customers.


What File Size Should You Make Oppai Mousepad

If you want to make a mouse pad boobs with a size of 22cmx26cmx2.5cm, it is best to provide a 1500 pixel x1500 CMYK jpg/png/psd/tif image,

Make a 32cmx39cmx5cm or 48cmx38cmx8cm life size oppai mousepad, preferably with 2500 pixels x 2500 CMYK

It doesn’t matter if your picture does not have such a large size, we will provide you with a larger picture, but the quality of the 3d mouse pad produced is not so clear.


How to Clean Booby Mousepad

1. Begin by removing any dust or dirt from the mousepad with a soft, dry cloth.

2. If the mousepad is still dirty, mix a solution of warm water and a mild dish soap.

3. Dip a soft, clean cloth into the solution and gently scrub the surface of the mousepad.

4. Rinse the mousepad with a damp cloth and let it air dry.

5. Once the mousepad is completely dry, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a clean cloth and wipe down the mousepad. This will help to disinfect the surface.

6. Allow the mousepad to air dry before using.


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