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Cool I guess...

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Changed my life

I used to be a loser virgin with no job and no future. Thats still true but this mousepad is pretty neat



Very good quality, very soft to touch it just fells good to use it

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The box came in looking like it went through a tumbler from a dryer and the mousepad itself is like perminantly lipped upwards so it never feels flat around the edges. Other than that the art is good.

We will continue to optimize the shopping experience, too long mouse pad packaging is a problem. Thank you for your support.

2B 3D Butt Mouse Pad
Josip Palada

2B 3D Butt Mouse Pad

Better than I ever could have imagined ♡

Thank you! ╮(╯▽╰)╭

It was good, everything I wanted and expected

The mousepad was delivered along with the approximate timings of arrival, quality was good and art wasn't compromised by anything like discoloring or etc

Thank you for your real review!

Re Zero Rem 3D Oppai Mouse Pad Ver4

Good quality

The material and art is high quality, it supports my arm nicely. The only slight minus is that the art could be matched slightly better with the support, if the support would be shaped to match the form of the butt it would be a 5 star, however I do understand that this is massed produced with standardized components, so that's easier said than done

Thank you❤

Awesome but useless

I am extremely happy with the Cant actually be used as a mousepad.. i regret nothing... thankyou for this gloriousness

Thank you❤

Camilla 3D Oppai Mouse Pad

Morrigan Aensland 3D Oppai Mouse Pad

Thank you

Nice tits

Thank you❤

really nice

very soft an good quality

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because it's half body is a soft than my old mouse pad 3d <3

Thank you❤

Wonho 3D Oppai Mouse Pad
Danielle Thomas

Arrived very quickly and as expected!

Thank you.

Nice but…

You need to make better back’s on your mousepads. Mine look’s very cheap.

My friend loves her birthday present

I got this as a gift for a friend and she absolutely loves it. Now she can look at Wonho at work and be distracted.

Silvervale Life Size Oppai Mousepad
Kenneth Kristensen

Silvervale Life Size Oppai Mousepad

Yor forger great stuff!

Love it!!

Ahri 3D Oppai Mouse Pad Ver4
Gabriel Caballero

Ahri 3D Oppai Mouse Pad Ver4

大鳳 3D おっぱいマウスパッド Ver1

Unexpected great quality

I am very surprised about how great the quality is, very satisfied with how sturdy it looks and feels.
Image is very crisp and the silicone breast pads are soft yet solid.

And unlike other oppai mousepads, this one doesn't have a horrible smell that fills your house!

Puts a smile on my face every time I sit down at my desk 🙂 Though a little bit smaller than I thought

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